Lifelong Skateboarders
& Professional Educators

All benefiting directly from the teachings skateboarding has taught them!

The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia has been serving the Philadelphia area by educating through skateboarding STEAM education for 15+ years!

AJ Kohn and Ronnie Gordon are veteran Professional Skateboarders who traveled the world, competed at the highest levels and developed some of the industries best and up in coming talent. Giving back to the community and making skateboard accessible for all is at the core of what they continue to do since day one!

It was officially started as an inner city outreach program (Gear for GROMS) working with groups United Communities, Franklins Paine (aka Skate Philly) as well as Philly ASAP developing and implementing after school, weekend and summer camp programs.

Groups such as Philadelphian Parks and Recreation took notice and recruited us to run the cities 1st competition circuit “The Philly Cup Series” and hired us to organize and run the 1st official skateboard summer camps for the city of Philadelphia for the last 8 yrs reaching over 1000K students per 6 week season!

We also organized skate nights (Ladies Night, Roller Skate Nights, LGTBQ nights, Thrashing Thursdays) and afterschool programs at recreation centers and with the School District of Philadelphia.

We also run /ran programs for Abington Township, Camp Airy MD, The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Youth Sports Coalition, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs and Girls Scouts.

meet our


AJ Kohn

Director of Operations

AJ is a true renaissance man of skateboarding!

Aside from being the founder of The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia he is a successful event organizer & mc (World Championships / Contest Series /Fundraisers etc.), top skateboard show performer (over 2000+ shows world wide), skateboard activist, product / park designer, former top level amateur and current US / Euro World Champion of Freestyle skateboarding and skateboard educator!

In addition to all his skateboarding accomplishments and entrepreneurial spirit, AJ is also a Industrial Design / Applications Engineer and STEAM Edutainment professional who is always on the road or implementing a new initiative somewhere to better serve the skateboarding community!

His experience and skill in developing hands on applicable educational content, building community and design are second to none!

Making the world a better place through skateboarding!

Ronnie Gordon

Skateboard Director/Instructor

Meet your skateboard director/instructor, Ronnie Gordon. Ronnie has worked at skateboard camps for 20 plus years. He got his start in the spring of 1995, teaching skateboard lessons at a local skate shop in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. From 1991-1994 he attended Woodward, Pennsylvania Skateboard Camp. When he aged out in 1994, he decided to get a job at Woodward, PA in the summer of 1995. One thing is clear Ronnie has a lot of experience through the duration of his career. Some of the other places he has worked are Visalia Skate Camp in California, Eisenburg, in Plano Texas, and The Skateboard Academy of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Mr. Gordon also competed in amateur and professional contests and was very successful in his skating career.

He was also published in Thrasher Magazine, Transworld Magazine, and other skateboard publications.

Your child will not only learn skateboarding techniques they will also learn teamwork and the importance of working together.

Jordan Griffin

Skateboard Director/Instructor

Meet Jordan Griffin, the skateboarding luminary who has mastered the art of the board for 14 thrilling years.

For the past 6 years, he has lent his expertise to The Skateboard Academy, a journey that finds its home at Roslyn Park in Abington, PA. As the helm of this camp, he steers aspiring skaters toward their dreams.

Jordan's roots trace back to the local skate contests, where his raw talent flourished. Fuelled by unbridled passion, he chronicled his evolution online, sharing his journey. This digital footprint proved a catalyst, paving the way for a slew of sponsorships that validated his skill. Even the renowned Barstool Sports couldn't resist his allure, offering a spotlight to his remarkable prowess. Most recently, a collaboration with Jones Soda resulted in an extraordinary milestone – his face on over 100,000 labels sold across the country and highlighting his Skateboarding.

Jordan isn't just a skateboard instructor; he's a life instructor, sculpting the next generation into architects of their dreams.

Andrew Abdallah, M.A

Skateboard Director/Instructor

Andrew is an experienced behavior therapist with a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Rider University. He has worked in education and mental health for over a decade now. He is an avid skateboarder with nearly 20 years of experience on board and has been working for the Skateboard Academy for 2 years teaching skate camps, private and community lessons, as well as providing afterschool programs to Philadelphia schools. He is very passionate about using his knowledge of human behavior to pass on messages of mental wellness through athletic coaching and mentorship. His favorite trick is the Pressure Flip and although he is proficient in a variety of styles of skateboarding he most enjoys combining freestyle tricks with street skateboarding.

Terrell Clayton

Youth Instructor

Terrell Clayton is seamlessly transitioning from student to teacher. With 8 years at the academy, he's emerged as a dynamic force. Currently a youth instructor, Terrell's journey from learner to leader exemplifies his dedication.

His ten-year skateboarding voyage has honed his expertise, making him a valuable guide for new generations of skaters.

Matt Kaplan

Skateboard Director/Instructor

Matt is a life long skateboarder and a Special Education Teacher who runs our Newtown location as well as is one of our Summer camp Counselors.

Brianna Edwards

Youth Instructor

Brianna is our Community Skateboard instructor as well as a Technology Teacher by trade. Started skating later in life at 19 while in college and hasn't put the board down since. Was part of the mini documentary on the women's skateboard movement in Philadelphia.


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